Games have a greater purpose

Gaming has a greater purpose than I appreciated prior to this course.  My seven year old chatted away about the characters Batman and Wild Style giving me their spelling voluntarily as we drove to school today.  He gave a scene, “The Wild West” and I anticipate a story, based on his gaming experience, to be his writing at school this week (ACARA, 2013, ACELT1582). Rather than responding to literature he was responding to technology.  Could there be a new English content description involving characters from computer games?

Motivating heroes

Motivating heroes

Designing games uses cognitive skills such as system thinking and technological fluency. I have observed and felt the motivation of designing and planning, and then the reward, playing my game.  There would be a time and place for gaming, perhaps towards the end of the day.  Socially I find them destructive; people become obsessive towards the gaming experience, a view not held by everyone.

When children CREATE their own game, the learning value is enhanced tenfold.  Here is an example using Sploder’s Platformer game creator of a nine and seven year old’s work.  The nine year old loved planning, her brother delighted in dragging up many “enemies and hazards”; it is hectic but fun. This is a lesson plan involving  Sploder’s technology.


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