Making an infograph

Making an infograph using Pictochart was satisfying on the grounds that it was my creation.  Using the global digital divide as our content, there were some interesting projects online with relevant photographs to be discovered.


An Australian with a laptop

Yes, digitally enhanced technology does generate motivation in the user.

An eleven or twelve year old could research content data from current projects such as the World Internet Project (WIP) reporting on the Internet in Australia. Becoming technologically fluent with Pictochart would require several afternoons on task.  Then, presenting data graphically is another skill which requires some thought and planning.   Finally, finding succinct text, giving enough relevant information to explain the graphics is another lesson.  To talk about the final artefact with one’s peers and invite questions would add verbal communication skills to the lesson plan.

The process of creating an infograph that draws the viewer to want to understand the content is a useful one.  There are choices to be made in templates, colours and the use of symbols and effects.  There aren’t many projects that can combine maths, English, art, spatial awareness, deep thinking and current worldly issues. Creating a perfect product was n’t my goal with this infograph as you’ll see.

 A solution to the Digital Divide

A solution to the Digital Divide



Free laptops bridge digital divide.  (2013, November 21).  The Sydney Morning Herald.  Retrieved from

OLPCA.  (2013).  Aboriginal child with XO laptop [Image].  Retrieved from from













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