Promoting cybersafety

Being Digitally Secure

Being Digitally Secure

Students can be protected from the destructive elements on the internet.  The danger is alarmism, though  I believe older students are mostly savvy enough to make wise choices as reported recently.  At what age children are given permission to freely surf the internet will depend on their maturity.

It is social media which exposes children.  Our eight year old knows not to put her favourite photo of herself on the internet, advice she heard at school.  I would n’t encourage any primary student to get involved on social media, some already are.  This quirky video gets the message across in understanding the risks of posting too much information.


If students were becoming confident to the point of clicking on software options or buying products, then must be the time to give responsibility to students in monitoring one another’s activity online.  Nominating one or two ‘computer experts’ may be the answer to incorporate agreement within the classroom environment.  Trusted team players can become their ‘teacher’s eyes’ and alert their peers (and teacher) to applying the brakes against potential hazards.  A win-win situation agreed upon where those ‘experts’ have exclusive access to technology to develop their own interests would seem fair and ethical. Each term, new experts could be nominated.


Who is the expert watching for hazards?




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