Websearching for pins.

Here is a collection of pins showing the many different modes used to access information on the internet. Web-searching for quality information that is pleasing to the eye as well as informative was the task; making a Pinterest pinboard.

How to attract the viewer, making a Pinboard that is visually pleasing and compelling to the reader is the art.  Sparking interest from peers so they want to read more, prompts action to click on the linked website.  There lies the value; researching, constructing and communicating about each other’s pinboards.  Pinboards are also an information storage site where evaluation of that information can take place, discarding and adding to ensure quality.

What did I learn?  Emotionally I became quite detached through sheer overload of information.  Would a child’s skills in web-searching grow by building a Pinterest board?  I believe not; they would become distracted and overwhelmed by information and lose direction.  The lesson’s objective could easily be lost.

Excessive information

The relationship between a large volume of information and decision making


However, with a free reign to visit many pinterest boards, children could build a library of information which is empowering. An earlier lesson could be in being a young professional on the internet, knowing your own ethical values. My discovery of some inappropriate pins alerted me to the need for ethical displaying of information.


Where do I start?



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