Becoming a global citizen

Being a global citizen is feasible with digital technology helping us to gain ideas, contacts, resources and support.  There are many lesson ideas to be found from researching global citizenship and life- long learning. The Earth Day Network 2014 gives one example of a task.  I imagine students would enjoy researching global issues close to their interests.  Hopefully they would then act, making their passion to contribute to building a better World, their reality.

My research for Australian stories took me to Zonta International Clubs.  These clubs are making a difference to mortality rates amongst young mothers.  The lessons learnt from conversations between the clubs’ ‘students’ and other concerned volunteers are likely to spark more responsible behavior than any formal classroom lesson.  The following video demonstrates volunteers’ commitment.  While the video editing is questionable, the teamwork and sense of a common purpose comes across loud and clear.  

The ‘bigger picture’ of learning has been recognized and changes are being made to the Australium curriculum inline with global thinking.   Life-long learning embraces the many skills needed in life; learning to live together, being active, being able to relax and learning to be wise.  Any lesson that can incorporate some of the four pillars of education is going to be worthwhile.


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