Reflections on my peers’ feedback

Rebecca's feedback

Rebecca’s feedback

This pre-service teacher did not enjoy receiving feedback involving marks. My reaction to criticism was an experience in itself!  Unconsciously I skim read the suggestions, felt the pain then re-assessed my position and understanding.   That process took two or three days of internal dialogue and was unsettling.

My blog needed to flow better.  I reached that understanding after marking Beck’s well considered reflections. I re-read my blog and could see where changes were necessary. Yes, I do need to keep a close eye on my transitions between ideas so that a paragraph has coherence from beginning to end. Including videos and images in that flow required my full concentration, together with keeping sentences grammatically correct.

My learning about blog design was helped by viewing Mel’s blog.  I recognize that familiarizing myself with Word Press and customization of blogs is the answer to effective design.  I anticipate some visual changes there, time permitting.  To align text and images, give contrast in colours and add repetition does make for a pleasing experience for the reader.

Melanie's feedback

Melanie’s feedback

Making feedback pleasing is not the point of teaching.  I now recognize this and also realize the importance of careful wording to the student to make certain that the information is considered by them and not ignored.





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Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. I am learning the joys of communicating on a blog through my education to become a primary school teacher with Curtin University, WA. Being an online course with Open University my teacher lives on the other side of Australia. I'm over on the east side, south of Sydney.
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